Model sitting prop glitch!

Greetings, I found a bug in the game , I explain the issue, when I wear any kind of model from the workshop, the props (Neck, hat etc) gets glitched. Me and my friend made a model from Zootopia (Nick wilde) And we have that problem, players told me they have a same issue, with different models. I attach a link so you can see on the video… Please fix this issue :frowning:

Thank you, bye.

I can’t see the video, but I assume you’re talking about the accessories (hats, ties, etc.) sinking in/floating on workshop playermodels. That’s because when you make a workshop model, you have to manually edit the accessories’ offsets. The creators of those items either didn’t edit their offsets or the accessory doesn’t go on right, even if the creator edited the offsets. This happens to a few hats, and I believe there’s going to be a way to edit each accessory to fix this.

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