Model looks fine in Blender but stretches and tears in TU

Hey there! Any help would be appreciated. I have paired my model to the armature and weight painted so all the joints bend and deform correctly but when I import it into Tower Unite there’s weird tearing and oddly stretched/bent joints. Especially the wrists and the ankles. Also not sure about the collar looking jagged and the dress/shirt border having spikes in it. Any ideas what could be causing these problems? Thank you! ^^

Short answer is TU (for that matter UE) behaves differently from blender.

Long answer:

  • The jagged parts of the clothing is due to UE being incredibly more sensitive to weight paint differences. The clothing in those areas might be extremely subtly weighted to a different bone so its hardly noticeable in blender. I believe someone suggested a quick fix idea about using a function in weight paint mode, though I haven’t actually verified how reliable it is. I believe this is it (and you would set the value to 2-3 or something around there).

-The wrist/ankle joints bending weirdly is due to how the model actually animates in game. Not really much can be done except accommodating it as much as possible. Though it is a little bizarre that you don’t notice this behavior in Blender. The pose examples in the TU Blender addon by Spoom has poses pulled from in game animations. Have you used those? If not it might offer some insight.

Also, if you want faster help & don’t mind joining, you oughta head into the official TU Discord and ask for help in the #workshop channel. :>