model is really glitchy

for some reason my model looks like this in TU

but in blender it looks like this

i have location, rotation, and scale enabled, please help.

Edit, i tried my solution (moving the TU armatures arms into the same place as the models) and it resulted in this:

this all sent me back to square one.
Edit Edit: it looks like it has its original vertex groups from the rig it had that i deleted. i have no idea how to fix this though someone pls help

the pose is definitely odd but the arms aren’t aligned with the tu rig inside of blender, doesn’t explain the power stance though.

Because the arms aren’t matching the bones exactly, it’s causing the geometry to warp when the bones are animated. You’ll need to line up the arms to the bones.

that power stance kind of thing is used as a t pose in a lot of things, specifically source games like gmod and such. i got this model from deviantart and it was made for XPS originally.

.ill redo it i think i have a solution but idk, i think it might work if i move the TU armatures bones to the model rather than just doing nothing, if i encounter an error ill put an image here.