Modding potential?


Hey all,

I’m new around here and I was just wondering if this game has or will have (in near future) potential for modding + addons?

I’m extremely interested in forming a life mod on this game.

Thanks in advance for your reply.


Tower Unite will have workshop support in the future so you will be able to use your own playermodels and furniture


Hey, thanks for your reply.

I more mean the ability to completely mod the game. I’d love to develop an RP Mode for the game, this game has everything required to be an awesome RP mode.


Probably not quite on that level I’m afraid. The workshop support has been confirmed so far to support custom playermodels, condo furniture and possibly maps for the existing gameworlds.


That sucks haha. I think the interest levels of this game would be increased greatly if there was an RP mod.

If the dev’s see this and want to discuss the possibility of RP Mods, get in touch with me via this thread. Me and my team are happy to do the leg work.

Not sure if workshop support is going to be quite enough.


Perhaps at this point you could contruct a rp map in your condo! and then try doing it there while you wait.


I don’t think that’d be sufficient. Not sure what kind of RP OP’s talking about, but you usually need commands like /me and /it, character descriptions, inventory systems, etc.


I feel that the game would have to release before even thinking about successfully allowing RP’s in the game.

But feel free to try when community condos comes out, I think its a good idea!


yeah would be neat since you can create a own plaza server…


That feature was removed a long time ago.