Mixed emotions about TU

I don’t know so much about tower unite. as my hype for it has sort of died down I come to realize that it really seems to have lost it’s mod-ish charm. It really just seems a bit too shiny and modern and sleek, whereas gmt felt really rugged and buggy. Hopefully I wont feel this way when the lobby is filled with players but im not sure. It was kinda nice waiting 10 minutes to load into a silly place with models from half life and tf2. my reccommendation would be to tone it down a bit with all of the lens flares and shiny-ness. (if thats a word)

There’s no lens flares at all (we disabled them) and the shiny is because it’s a different engine than source. Things look like metal instead of not metal.

We’re working on adding the silly stuff. We can’t get TF2 or HL2 models, though, but we’re making original content and also opening it up to workshop to people to add their own models.

Just be patient and open and you’ll start to see it come back to what it was. Tower Unite has only be in development for a year and we had to code everything from scratch this time around, unlike GMT where it was a mod of an existing game. For example, we had to code our own weapon system. GMT took about 3 years to get to where its at and TU is fastly approaching that in record time, but it’ll still take time.


To be honest I also had mixed emotions about the Tower Unite’s development in the begging, but as the game started becoming more and more solid as the time went on I started seeing a specific goal in the game’s development and on the team’s mind. They want to make something that is fun, that has the exact quirky feeling that GMT had, but at the same time improve on what they have done so far and do something better.

The first time I looked at TU I actually expected it to be the complete opposite of GMT with a more clean-slick feeling to it. Modern, Non-Goofy. Don’t know exactly why I expected that, but it was probably due to how the game looked in it’s concept phase (the kickstarter screenshots and all that). On a conversation back in the IRC turns out that was the idea most of us actually had for a while.

And now, with a week from the Early Acess I can say the game the game actually met the exact middle point, a mix of both new and old. The Game Worlds (aside from Planet Panic) are actually direct improvements from what they we’re in GMT. They control better, they player, they are simply better. Same thing with the rest of the game. The Condos are more yours, The Player have more customization (despite there being few player models) and I’m pretty sure that when the Plaza gets it’s activities it will be brimming with life.

Although the game feels like it lacks charm, it actually doesn’t - It just hasn’t been established yet because the game is just on the very begging of it’s life cycle has a quite reduced player base right now. It’s really just a matter of time.

And that exactly what the game needs right now, time and a community. As both of the two start increasing, I’m pretty sure you will find in TU the same stuff you loved about GMT.


Alright i know i just said i wasnt liking it but i just played virus with all the devs and some other people and that was so fun im hyped again for TU

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yeah, for some reason Virus makes people hyped

I’m hyped because I didn’t pay too much attention to the development. I’m looking forward to more community created content and content updates in general. It would be nice if you could publish some modding tools in the future to make it easier for the community to create mods. This game will only be successful with an active community supporting it. And I intend to be part of it.