Missing Texture Error

Hi there, looking for help with some weird missing texture errors. Tried looking it up to see if it was already answered, but most topics were for old versions of blender and we all know how much blender loves to change things.

Currently, everything in my model uploads fine, with the exception of the textures. There are some transparent textures in the material, so I’m wondering if that is the issue- but instead of the compiler complaining about that it seems to just say there is 0 textures at all in the whole model. Is this some issue of the model having weird material mapping, or is the textures not copying over properly to the game?
So far I’ve tried
-packing/unpacking to create “proper” texture directories
-renaming all the materials to be the same name as the texture
-looking at the .dae in notepad, there seems to be no reference to the texture path, despite the textures being there in blender
Is there something i’m missing, or if there’s an error with textures being pointed incorrectly, is there a fast way to remedy this without reapplying the textures to each mesh manually?

pikamee (voms) - Download Free 3D model by chained_tan (@ch_fren) [5c8e8dc] - Sketchfab model source

make sure that your textures are all in the same folder as the exported .dae and that they’re explicitly all principled bsdf image textures ! (i noticed that yours is set to mix shader, so that’s probably the issue!) they’re the only ones supported by tower afaik

also, that’s such a cute model! i love that kind of artstyle…

also if you have multiple materials or just ingeneral, make sure that the UV map is named “UVMap” for all UV maps.
(just incase you dont know where it is)

Ah rip, turning it to principled BSDF turns the model bright purple probably because it’s messing with the texture, and I don’t have enough experience to fix it manually- but thanks for the help it’s most definitely the issue

make sure that the exported .dae and all of the textures are in the same folder upon importing it to TU, i’d recommend also making sure that your directory doesn’t have any crazy weird file names as i’ve had an issue with that once before

putting all of the textures and the .dae in a folder on your desktop and importing it then usually works for me !