Missing Playtime for Transfer

Hey Guys,
So i just bought the game since i remember the game from GMod and YouTubers playing it.
Also i found out that people are able to Transfer Units from the old Gmod Tower to Tower Unite so i checked that out.

So well, seems like i need at least 9 hours of playtime on GMTower to be eligibile for Unit transfer. And i have 8. Kappa
I think it cant hurt anyone if i ask if i still could get that Transfer.
It would be very nice, but if it wont work, its okay.

Just asking :slight_smile:

You can only transfer items from GMT to Tower Unite if you had played GMT for at least 9 hours.

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How about those unfortunate souls who have played 9 hours exactly? I know I haven’t many credits or items to transfer, but if it’s not too big an ask I’d like to know if I could get them transferred, or who to ask to know whether or not I may.
I miss my fox plushy

Items won’t be transferred, they only get converted to Units in Tower Unite. If the playtime was less than 9 hours in GMT there’s not much you can do to get those units.

Is there nothing that can be done if I’ve played 9 hours exactly though? 9 hours is at least 9 hours and isn’t less than 9 hours.