Missing Map gmt_lobby2_rc3

Can someone please lead me to where I download it. I have already uninstalled​ and reinstalled the workshop pack. Please help?

Is the workshop content loading up properly when you launch the game?
On the main menu, hit the Addons button and check if your addons are showing up.

Even though I have all the content, I also get this error from time to time. Make sure you have all the content from the steam workshop. If you still get the error after ensuring you have all the content, you normally have to type retry into the console a few times and eventually you will be able to connect.

Okie, I’ll check that. I’ll reply to this for my update. Thanks for the help, again I’ll check that

To add to @DingDongBerry’s reply, I added them and we discovered they had all addons disabled, it’s sorted now ahah. :smile_cat: