Missing items on GM Tower and Tower Unite transfer question


So way back when Lobby 2 was first opening up, I ended up losing all of my furniture due to a glitch. Even after I sent in requests to get my items back when it was all still going on, I never ended up getting any of my stuff back, or even a response.

Will I ever be able to recover my lost stuff, and will said stuff still transfer over to Tower Unite/be converted to Units even if I don’t get it back?

Thank you.

EDIT: Wow, this post sounds really passive aggressive and I didn’t realize it until after I posted it. Sorry if I came off that way, that wasn’t what I intended.

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From what I know about GMT’s internals (which isn’t much) the lost items may not be accessable to you in GMT, but they still are assigned to you in the database, so you should be able to recover them. You’d have to ask @macdguy this honestly.


tons of people have had this issue, Mac is probably the best person to go to, He was able to roll my condo back for me when it happened to me