Missing items in the transfer beta test

There was a playable piano, a bigscreen TV, and my Lobby 1 plate in my condo when it GMT shut down but I don’t see them in my GMT profile.


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Another thing I noticed, did they flip the price of poker chips? I don’t remember 1 GMC being worth of 10 poker chips, but other way around… Or have I just forgotten how it was?

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I remember it being 10 GMC per chip.


also the “database”
from when my condo corrupted, these items are still not back

This has been fixed.


My lobby one plate is also missing, there might also be other things missing but all I care about is my lobby one plate lmao

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Missing a ton of items also, i should have 150+ instead i have 48

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I’m also missing some items. :c

You are able to transfer the items that you had on the last day of Lobby 1.