Missing File Privileges (TU Version)

I have been on the Little Crusaders Beta Version for a few days now, and I have been attempting to switch back to the main version of the game, however, it will not let me because this error message pops up:

So I cannot currently switch back to the main branch, I am stuck in the Little Crusaders beta.

What can I do?

Could be for whatever reason the file that’s trying to be accessed on your computer doesn’t allow steam privileges to edit the file.

How can I fix this though? Never experienced this error before in my life.

You could try reading this thread.


Is says to run steam as an administrator but I have no idea what that means.

You could try reading this thread.

Was able to force close Steam and got it to run through administrator. I re downloaded Tower Unite and had them write over the old files, and it seems to have fixed.

Nevermind. Tried to switch versions again and it re revoked file permissions.

Valve recently added a feature to the Steam Client that sounds like it should help in cases just like this:

(My Client is in German so I’m guessing here)
Steam > Settings > Downloads > Steam Library Folders (Opens as new Window) > Rightclick the Library that contains TU > Repair Library