I think we need a canvas mirror with the same mechanics as “reflection” texture, but then with the quality of “transdimensional painting”. In short - a basic mirror. Because it’s sad when the only mirror you can have in the game is in the bathroom, and you can’t make your own.

And I guess there can be some basic shapes like circles, squares, rectangles, or triangles.

Pretty please?

every mirror like that afaiu creates an additional camera to render you and i imagine the devs don’t prefer giving players things that can seriously increase lags in game when treated irresponsibly

(though we have workshop furniture, huh?)

I guess you are right. But then people can make condos lag even with HD textures they put on canvases if they really wish to xD

Or yes, workshop items make the condo heavier. And not only if the person is just being goofy, but also if they are making pretty condos.