[Minigolf Suggestion]- Final results bonus awards

As the title says, how about some final bonus based on ranking results after 18 holes?

This would mostly be for the sake of competition purposes and extra fun. It would seem very fitting in my view just to make the overall scores have a sense of mattering in the long run.

I play for fun, but it would be cool for to have the overall results feel like it has some meaning and purpose. It could be ball custom skins, or just units :3

I do think it would be fair to give out bonus units to top scorers, as well as minor rewards for simply playing multiplayer minigolf. It takes a lot longer to complete a course when you have to wait for other players.

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Although a good idea, I think that would pressurize new players into not thinking their shots through, and inevitably make them fail. If you want bonus points for being fast, you need to play ball race. Golf is a lot more slow paced, as it is in real life.

Plus, if you are a new player thrust into a match full of professionals, you will most likely come last a lot, and if you miss out on some good pay-outs just for not being as good as everyone else, that would really ruin your fun.

It would be nice to be rewarded for being first, I think new players would find it VERY difficult to make some money, and maybe even be put off from playing golf.

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The post mentions that bonus awards would be based on rank (lowest score, second lowest score, and third), not time.


What @CarbonCopyCat said.

Plus, I dont think an additional several hundred credits at the end of the game would be a deal breaker for people anyways. 90% of the money earned would be from just playing the map, so its not really a loss for anyone.

That’s a good point. well, forget what I said then.

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We plan to have end of results stats screen for informative purposes. We currently have payouts and soon will have achievements and exp (badges) which should be enough rewards.