Minigolf stat tracking

id like to see minigolf stat tracking in tower unite like how many bogeys youd get and HIOS eagles pars and also to show what was there best on say hole 3 garden same with the other game modes that would be cool

simplist suggestion ever


Pretty some item suggestions are simpler. :wink:

Anyway, it sounds pretty cool. Something to add on could be a graph that shows you your results on maps compared with the times you played. to see how well you’re improving over time. That might be pushing it a bit though. :sweat_smile:

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Probably should be just a buyable item for the condo, and it will literally be described as “Let everyone know how good or terrible you are at games.”


i guess so

maybe idk

Why just Minigolf? I want all sorts of random, miscellaneous, and unnecessary stats tracked for everything (among the potentially useful ones, of course). Steps walked in plaza, air time in Ball Race, ratio of time as survivor versus infected in Virus, number of times played as a cat versus as a dog in Planet Panic, anything and everything! It would have to be added in the far future, though, as this stuff is highly unnecessary compared to everything else planned. I still think it’s a great idea, though. Also, I’m pretty sure stat tracking was suggested eons ago, but it’s been long enough to warrant a new topic in my opinion.

did you not see me say in the sentence

Apologies, it was pretty small compared to everything else relating to Minigolf. It seemed more of an afterthought you tagged on as opposed to a major part of the suggestion. The thread title itself is “Minigolf stat tracking,” after all.

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well thats a thing to mess you up cannot deny