Minigolf Practice Mode

I think that it would be a great addition to the game if there was a mode in which players could pick a map then a specific hole and practice on it. This mode wouldn’t reward units or achievements but instead provides a platform for players to increase their ability. Once the player has practiced enough they could go into a real game and play against other players.

Sorry for the poor wording, English isn’t my strongest subject.


Thatd be a great feature to be able to practice the harder holes. Maybe achievements can be disabled for this mode too to prevent abuse.


If I wanted to test a specific hole (to see if it could be done in less shots) I’d have to go AFK until that hole. One instance of this is when I got hole 12’s HIO on Altitude. This would be helpful for most people, especially for PB attempts.


I have the same issue too for specific holes

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