MiniGolf (Possible Phoenix?)

I’ve noticed that throughout the maps, there isn’t a single hole which has a possible phoenix.
Since Odyssey has been unedited for a while, I can assume that most or all of the holes haven’t yet been designed. I request that a phoenix should be possible in one of the holes. Also, if you look at the rewards for par, birdie, etc. It does state a phoenix and a reward.

I feel like one of the holes on forest is possible for a phoenix… Can’t remember which one.

What on Earth is a Phoenix? Never heard that term in golf. Lowest stroke count I’ve heard of is Condor and even that is insanely rare.

Phoenix is a term we came up with. Most golf terms are based on birds. Since Phoenix is insanely rare, we went with a mystical bird. Same with Flamingo, that is our own terminology.


Don’t believe anything exists past Albatross in IRL golf.

Also pretty sure the hole on Forest is completely impossible to get a Phoenix on, and would require some kind of whacky glitch. Flamingo is the best one possible for the moment, and that just requires you to mess up a hole in one on Sweet Tooth.

One last thing on Odyssey/golf maps: Odyssey is meant to be the last Minigolf map, and will pull elements from all other courses, meaning it will probably be around the game’s release (A long time away, thus put on the back-burner). It’s also been said by a dev or two that Minigolf maps in general are harder to make (Mainly for creative reasons, with 18 holes and unique gimmicks needed).

i swear i got this or someone else did once over a year ago and thought nothing of it

So, impossible to get, then can we have a picture of it from devs? :thinking:


Damn that’s pretty good

You inspired me to update the Out of Bounds and Water Hazard UI elements…




Condor is 4 under par. It’s an informal term though, so not everyone recognizes it


Well I was right on the money with “whacky glitch”. Forgot lag manipulation could do stuff in TU.

Flamingo is best possible without lag.



ahhahaha yes i like this

Yes this is rather amusing

Very nice Mr.Bird, me gusta

Hole 18 of Forest is Par 8, but it is physically impossible to do in just two shots. This is because there is a part where you must shoot the ball into a moving circle and then out of it, and you can’t do it from the start, so it always takes more than two shots.

I never mentioned hole 18.