Minigolf minecart elevator broken

version Build 844486

on the final hole of minigolf with the minecarts and the elevator tower, the elevator platform wouldn’t interact with my ball at all, it just clipped through and acted like it wasn’t there at all. I tried putting away from the elevator and back on in case it was just getting stuck in the elevator, but that didn’t fix the problem. I have a couple screenshots I took, but I’m not sure they’ll add all that much.

here they are anyway.

I’d mentioned this elsewhere in another thread, but neglected to make an actual topic for it.

I’ve not tested, but I think it’s fixed in the Weekly builds?

I guess I’ll have to break out of the box and try the weekly build and come back on that then. will update this post in… however long it takes to download and play through 18 holes, when I’ve found out most likely.

EDIT: or… I could have problems getting past the start up to try and test it at all. guess I’ll just have to wait it out.

Thanks for your report! This has been forwarded straight to our Trello board. You can track its status there (it takes a couple minutes to show up on Trello).

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