Minigolf Map Idea: Safari

Located in African tundra/desert, it could include exotic animals such as giraffes, elephants, zebras and lions.

For prudence I’d stick with the natural elements because there’s a hundred ways this could go wrong.


I would have to disagree. There is a lot to appreciate in traditional African culture that can be included as map elements.

Here are some quick results from Google:



For the sake of avoiding any form of cultural appropriation for the aesthetic without any insight, I have to disagree with this part.


There are so many ways that could go wrong. Racism, cultural appropriation, cultural insensitivity, etc. It really is best for them to not risk it.


I can see how this could be considered tasteless, thank you for pointing it out. I suppose natural scenery and exotic animals could still suffice for an interesting map.

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I can understand how this can be seen as tasteless if there are some inaccuracies or stereotypes thrown into the map that can be insulting to there culture or possibly seen as racist but I think we can set out some boundries or only use nature or exotic animals in the safari then we’ll be less likely to cause any issues. However, I am confused how we can have a minigolf map in a japanese garden, filled with japanese architecture, cherry blossom trees, instruments used in japanese culture, koi fish and etc but we’re treading on thin ice if it’s about african culture?
So in my opinion, either it’s all okay or none of it is okay, if you can make a map about Japanese culture then you should be allowed to make a map about Safari culture.

I have thought about this. This is going to get into more politicial territory, so I imagine this conversation is probably going to get shut down by the mods. I’ll bite anyway.

The first thing to bear in mind is that Africa is not a country nor a homogeneous culture, it’s a vast continent of ~30 square megameters containing hundreds of different cultures/ethnicities, including some not stereotypically “african” in the north. The Kilimanjaro is located in the african east center and, while I am far from an expert, I have the feeling some of the cultural elements showcased in the gallery Max1 posted correspond to west central african cultures and some to south african ones. In the end I can’t really tell and that’s the problem, that I’m afraid most people can’t without some research. There’s also the issue of recent and current global relationship history with Africa which has placed most african peoples in a very vulnerable position, so arbitrarily taking cultural elements from there for what is in the end a commercial product amounts to robbery and bullying.

In contrast, Japan is a much smaller country with a relatively homogenised culture (peoples like the Ainu and the Lyuchu aside) in a propsperous global position, so while one may raise appropriate concerns there’s a much smaller chance of fucking up.


You said a way nicer version of what I was gonna say, so let’s just go with yours.

If me asking a question about this topic was gonna result in me getting some nasty replies then I wouldn’t take the replies seriously and probably forget about the question entirely.
Thanks for the response Rarsonic! :+1: