Minigolf anti-clipping safety net system

You know how, when playing on high pings/with hosts running their servers on bad computers, clipping or other problems can often happen? Stuff like loops launching you into space, cannons failing to fire you properly, fans not propelling you enough, etc? I’m suggesting a system that would help in such cases. Here’s how it could theoreticaly work:

Each map gets designated “critical areas”- areas where such problems can happen, and the player has no control over them. When one enters a critical area, they get flagged. If they leave the critical area normally, the flag gets removed and nothing changes. If the game screws up, however, and the player is about to get out of bounds in a location where that shouldn’t be possible, they instead get teleported to the end of the critical area, emulating a successful passage.

or just find a different server, i mean theres a fuck ton of mini golf servers. It wont hurt just to find a different one.

Instead of making people leave a server and find another game, that just started/was on or near the hole you were on previously, and also has a good connection, how about… Oh i don’t know, fixing the problem to begin with so people don’t have to go through that hassle?

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Hassle? You mean just finding a server? Thats what I call laziness, and most people don’t care about being in the same hole or even the same map. They just care about money.

I don’t see your point here. Scripted moments such as the cannons in Treasure Cove or gimmicks such as the fans in Altitude shouldn’t by any means have a chance of behaving differently. In many cases, the issue isn’t even directly tied to ping. I once stroked out in a Treasure Cove hole as the host because the cannon never fired just right. Even if these issues are caused by lag, the lazy solution is to ignore the problem and just say “Eh, there are slightly better servers out there.”

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Alright. First of all, why do people assume popular activities are popular only because of the units they yield? You can’t make such claims without evidence backing them up, you know.
Like, I’m sorry if I’m in the minority, but I definitely want to stay on the same server as this crazy pseudo-russian meme-spitting guy I’ve met three minutes ago. Or maybe I want to compete with this MLG minigolf master and see if I can beat his score. Or maybe, just maybe, I want to play with friends who live in different parts of the world.

Yes, finding a different server is an inconvenience. I’d rather play the game than constantly worry about my ping, the host’s computer and other servers available.
Also, not everywhere in the world is the server list filled with people playing. If there’s someone from, let’s say, Africa, they might have problems finding one ok server.
Also what @M2TheT said.


We are aware of the issues and are working on fixing them. Unfortunately, it’s not an easy fix. Unreal’s PhysX implementation is based on frame rate, so the lower the frames, the worse the collisions get. We’ve implemented fixes that improve it, but we have to redo the entire Minigolf physics to completely resolve the issue.

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I have no idea how the engine works, but I was thinking, what if everyone hosted a version of the golf, and sent their data to each other, so everyone could get a rough idea of where everyone is, while also playing the golf with no latency or issues?

Like how the connected lobby system will work, except it connects the golf games together?

I understand how difficult it would be to fix that, i’m sorry if I came off as rude in that post.

To be fair, Boo only addressed Enceladus’ attitude towards the issue (“why fix it when you can switch servers”)