[Minigolf] A way to show the elevation of the green

I don’t know about everyone else, but I seem to have trouble seeing the elevation of the green, unless the curve is really sharp or it’s obvious that it slopes upward/downward because of the edges. I think there should be a button to show the elevation of the green like it does in games like Mario Golf.


I’ll have to pick up that game from the local retro store to get an idea of what it’s doing because I have no idea from the screenshot alone.

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I’m pretty sure it’s just showing a topographic map with different-colored rings based on elevation.

Yes. It’s also showing which way the ball will roll based on the arrows. (by arrows, I mean the lines connecting the squares)

Off topic, that HUD is insane. There’s more action and data in the HUD than the actual gameplay.

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I know, and in multiplayer mode, you can spam a taunt button that makes it even harder for your opponent.

Good ol’ Nintendo.

Push it Mario.

Catch it Boo.

Toad you’ve seen better days.


In 2003.

I’m too old for this shit.

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there’s also a topographic thing in Wii Sports golf

Well there also is a difference between golf and minigolf.

In normal golf you play for a long distance and that is why your put will most likely send the ball flying up in the air…
In minigolf you play on relatively flat surfaces in tiny pathways so you will almost always put horizontally…

So one thing I wold imagine being like elevation meters would be to have the arrow used for your move to color differently according to how high a slope will be.

Meaning :
Horizontal - Arrow is white
Slope Down - Arrow turns blue, starting from the tip relative to the distance from the beginning to the start of the elevation.
Slope Up - Arrow turns red, starting f rom the tip relative to the distance from the beginning to the start of the elevation.

That means you would get a hint of if you should put more or less force into your turn because you would get information on the intensity of a slope.

(I hope that was not complicated, I’m foreign and have trouble finding propper words.)

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