Minigames utilizing condo building mechanics

Had an idea a while back of having plaza minigames that utilized condo building mechanics, given how it’s a system already in-game that has a lot of potential. These are mostly just random ideas, so I’m not sure how viable or interesting (gameplay wise) these would be, but feel free to suggest other potential minigames if you think of any.

  • Speed Build: Players are shown a preset build (e.g. basic house made of wood walls, a kitchen set, etc.) for a number of seconds, and are then given a set of random items inside that build. Players have to work together to replicate the build as accurately as possible within a short time limit, and are given points based on individual accuracy of the items they’re given, as well as the overall accuracy of the build.
  • Prop Stack: Each player is given a random stream of items (item #1, then #2 when #1 is placed down, etc., same across all players), and must stack and climb on top of their placed items to get as high up as possible. Placed items disappear after a short time limit, so move fast.
  • Source Forts-esque team-based deathmatch?
  • Condo I/O-based randomized escape room? Players are placed in a room with set obstacles and have to wire up elements to escape (hooking up buttons to doors, moving objects, etc.)