Minigames barely working ATM


I see that I’m not the first with connection and gaming trouble on Gmod Tower, so I hope you don’t mind an other topic about it.

I’ve been having trouble with many minigames on Tower since yesterday. The problem I had with minigolf, and noticed with a few others as well, is that the Game board doesn’t show that a match is going on, while there is. The actual stats, on which round or hole they are on, every now and then pop up. It also started a lot of false games because for w/e reason it figured it had an empty server?

I’m not a technical person, but I do know that atm is that ball race, zombie massacre and virus don’t show the games that are running. This is confusing… And for me especially sad because golf is not working at all, and I love that game… xD

I know there is a post made about the virus server, but I´d like to make clear that it is not only virus, but almost, or all minigames that you have to switch servers for.

I really like Gmod Tower and I´d love to play it until it closes down. I will most likely (Or rather, I will) get Tower Unite. But I hope that until GMT gets closed down, it will stay up and running properly, even though you guys are hard at work to get Tower Unite ready for full release.


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I’m actually pushing out a patch that will fix the issues right now.

Should be resolved now.


Thank you @macdguy!

Now I can enjoy Tower again after work and get the feeling for it again before I start on TU ^.^