Minigame Suggestion: Platforming/parkour challenges

I’d love if there were platforming/parkour-type levels that could show up as minigames. I feel like it would help diversify the genres of minigames that can appear and wouldn’t be too terribly hard to design. Maybe there could be specific platforming minigame levels that focus on jetpacking/firework launcher pogo jumping. Instead of a normal scoreboard/leaderboard, it could show how far someone’s gotten in the level and/or completion time.

Would a Game World based on this concept overlap too much with Ball Race?

well I think the suggestion is for a Plaza minigame, not a game world, which already sets it apart from Ball Race quite a bit

I’m aware; I was wondering about scaling it up.

Yeah, like CalculatorSpoon said, I am proposing this as a mini game, not a game world. Think something like how some Minecraft mini game servers have small platforming challenges as part of their lobby as a thing to do in-between actual games!

I was working on a “climb the tower” minigame that would spawn this jump puzzle in the middle of the minigame arena. I still think it’s a great idea.


While that does sound interesting, it’s very repetitive (and more importantly, limiting) to just keep shoving tons of minigames onto the one small area. I, personally, hate the minigame arena and almost never play the games that use it. The best minigames are all the ones that don’t use it. Plane Wars, Chainsaw Deathmatch, Snowball Battle, etc. Most of the minigames on the pad are just reskins of one another and it’s such a small space that it really limits what you can do with it. You guys really need to start either integrating more minigames into the rest of the Plaza or giving them dedicated arenas (like Plane Wars). I would be fine with some of the more simple games remaining on the pad but my biggest issue with them is that they are all just far too long. I would end up getting bored almost exactly halfway through and just give up. If the timer was set for a minute and a half instead of 3 minutes, they’d be far more tolerable. The ones on the pad are all far too repetitive to sit through 3 minutes of them. The dedicated ones are totally fine in length, though.

You can always just leave the minigame pad at any time and still get the payout for playing the game

I know. And that’s exactly what I do on the rare occasions I play them.

I don’t see the reason why the 3 minute timer is a bad thing then, it gives people time to finish whatever they were doing to join in on the game, people who like it can play more, and anyone who doesn’t want to play the whole duration can leave at any time

Fair enough, I suppose. The rest of my argument still stands, though.

There’s plenty of Plaza minigames we planned to make. We’ve been focused on larger projects though.

One of the plans from the beginning was to have the lazy river transform into a race track during certain minigames. We also have a new death arena planned and designed.