Minigame Suggestion - Mad Dash Cash


From looking at the Accelerate alpha and how it has been running well I was wondering about another form of a minigame but in a crazy taxi-esque version which I came up with the thought about Mad Dash Cash

Like Crazy taxi the goal is to pick up passengers and deliver them to the destination points on the map

You start somewhere in the town seperated from the other players and have to drive to collect your passanger and deliver them to the destination, this could be marked as the Plazas minigame portals as a sort of drop off point, this would be around 5 blocks from the players pickup to allow chance of building up the amount of passangers delivered.

This also means that from the point they are picked up the player could either end up closer or futher away to other players on their delivery route.

The minigame would last around 5 minutes per game and is based on the amount of passengers you deliver, the higher the passengers the more credits earned seems easy right?

However, although you can go and get the passangers there are other drivers you must beware after all a city doesnt just have one, you may end up getting hit by another driver with your viechle and delaying your chance of getting passangers, 3 hits and your passanger will leave.

The passangers could be catsacks or models like the knights from little crusades who need a ride. there also could be a rare passanger event where it is a king of the hill situation, the first to deliver gets a bonus.

After the passangers have been delivered and the match has ended there could then be a balloon battle where you have to pop the other drivers balloons to eliminate them, to make sure that this can be completed a segment of the city could be blocked off to make sure nothing can leave forcing the players to fight against each other.

Using as an example there could be random city varients to play in changing up the routes for maps
What do you guys think of a Crazy taxi kind of minigame?