Minigame pad and event teleporter polish

This is both part suggestion and nitpick thread.

Event teleporters are nice addition and are convenient when you need one. But not so convenient when you don’t need one.

Q. What do I mean by this?
A. Scenarios where you are blindly wandering around the plaza and;

  1. You accidentally/unintentionally walk in to one just as they emerge from the ground
  2. They have become network de-synced for you, and you accidentally walk in to one despite them appearing inactive

Alternatively, you are AFK and someone with a pocket fan pushes you in to one.

These issues could be addressed by displaying a screen confirmation prompt - similar to one displayed when entering the teleport to travel to the game worlds matchmaking server.

The event teleporter at the lighthouse beach seems a little redundant considering that the minigame pad is both literally and figuratively a stone’s throw away. (This teleporter, among other things is cluttering up this beach but this is probably deserving of its own thread)

For improving the minigame pad’s visibility, consider having a pillar of light emanate from above the centre of the minigame pad whenever a minigame event is in progress, similar to that of the halloween cauldron at the main fountain.

Yes, please take the teleport off the treasure hunt beach. (either just delete it -or- move off the sand, place it on the path, maybe?)

It’s annoying to get accidentally teleported when you’re searching for treasure, or when your treasure is within the teleport circle and you have to sidestep around it to figure out a way to dig w/o getting teleported.

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