Minigame cross-over style map based on Sweet Tooth

“‘A land of candy shouldn’t have a horde of zombies!’ Of course, that’s only a dream, not a reality.”

The map idea I’ve had will focus on the style of the Sweet Tooth map from Minigolf, with zombies being replaced with a slightly more colourful variant compared to the original Zombie Massacre game mode.

I’ve really wanted a wave of crossover maps between each game world.


Sorry to necro this post, but I just stumbled across this and thought this idea sounded fantastic. Crossover maps between the game worlds would be super fun, and hopefully generally a little easier to implement, given that not as many new assets would be needed. Kingdom in Minigolf is already a great example. Pls, to expand further on the crossover idea, the dragon from Little Crusaders being a guest boss in zombie massacre just sounds hilarious honestly, so I’m already pretty interested in the idea from that alone.

I’d say that given how Minigolf, Accelerate, and Ball Race maps are natural/fantasy/abstract themed, they would have the best crossovers (I can’t say the much of the same for Planet Panic as I’ve never seen it in action)

The same applies to Zombie Massacre and Virus maps, given that they’re generally horror/urban/industrial/sci-fi themed (also possibly including the yet-to-be implemented Horror Hill)