Minigame achivements, and some playermodels

One thing that i loved about GMT was that you got achievements, for example in virus you could unlock a flame that you could stand around in, and everyone knew you had finished the achievement for virus. now what i loved about this system, is that it makes you get more things so you look like a veteran and that you have played for a while, and you also get some more end game goals. it would also bring more players to play ball race and crusaders for example at least on EU-Frankfurt the Games are always empty:(, now personally i would love for more awesome stuff to unlock of these game modes instead of just getting money, on the old server on Garry’s mod i was always grinding for these collectibles and so were probably a lot of other people too, what do you think?

What i also loved about the old content was the amount of player models we had, i mean you could a dinosaur with flames around you, you could be a ghost flying around, You could even be a freaking pig from one of the achievements. these were awesome cause you never usually noticed people with the same player models, so you kinda knew who it was.

Do tell me what you think about this suggestion, if its been suggested before my bad, no clue how to search for threads.

Kind Regards, Mats.

Achievements are planned


Thanks for telling me this. :kissing_closed_eyes: