Mini Golf Course based on major updates in Tower Unite

I think it would be cool if each hole was based off major updates Tower Unite has received over the years. (It could also potentially start back as far as GMod Tower if possible).

  • The Arcade hole could start you off in a giant version of Sunlight Roller before taking your ball to Coin River, if you managed to hit the ball into the 50 slot on Sunlight Roller it will give you perfect timing to get a HIO at the “!” in Coin River, if you missed you’ll get sent into the actual coin pusher part which has another hole down there.

  • The Casino hole could be similar to a slot machine, and if you get it in a certain area while “777” is on the screen for a short duration, it could also give you a HIO. The lower the amount you “win” the further back your ball will be in the next area.

  • I also think it would also be cool if we had some of the holes themed after the different plazas we’ve had over the years.

  • The last hole could be a guaranteed HIO but at the end it could say “And here’s to many more updates to come!” before launching you into the hole and the HIO sound effects would sound like fireworks going off.

I know there is many more updates they could include, and I feel like it would be an incredible trip down memory lane, or like a history lesson for people who haven’t been here from the start. Maybe each hole on the sign below the par could also include the date in which the update was released.

Not sure it needs to be based on updates per se, but both a casino themed course sounds really fun.