Minecraft in Tower Unite :^)


I had no idea on what to do with my underwater condo, so i just turned it into minecraft :slight_smile:
I’ve been working on this for the past month now, it’s not done yet but I just wanted to show people what I have so far, hope you like it!

As of right now, it’s at 20,000+ items, with 19,400 being canvas cubes.
I still need to finish the jungle, and mushroom biome. I plan to also add mesa, nether, and end biome!
well that’s it for now, hope you like it :smiley:


I don’t envy the amount of time, money, and CPU usage that it took to make this. Condos like this blow my mind, and I find it incredible what a simple item that allows you to take an image from the internet and put it in your condo can enable people to do.

Very neat condo.


With no context, I’d have thought it to be Minecraft with a shader mod installed. :smiley_cat:


Looks pretty well made.

Im a little curious as to how you made the chest look like an actual chest


the worst part was i’m pretty sure most of this was made before the scaler tool


Still can’t load in


I’ve been to your other condo before and this is even more impressive.
I can’t believe you did this block by block. Great work!


Thank you, rabbit.


Thanks everyone :smile:


this is the coolest condo i have seen so far i love seeing such dedication from a someone


No matter what “Minecraft” reminds one of, but this looks sweet.


Hey, this is a really great design.


Super impressive! I’ve got to visit this sometime


This is incredible and also terrifying. All the time and units spent :skull_and_crossbones:


thank you
Drrabbit is not in right now,
but im his current secretary,
i will relay this comment to him when he is back… IN DA HOUSE


…go cory…


I love condos like this, ones where you can just smell the hours of unit grinding and extremely careful placement


Condo aspirations in a nutshell. Just imagine what we can do when we’re allowed to add animations and such. We’ve already been given Steam Workshop.