Milk Carton glasses/goggles appear on the feet

There’s not really much to say about this, I’m not really sure if it happens with all the glasses/goggles, but it does happen with the Snow Goggles.

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I did use the search tool before posting this, and I found that post but I thought this was different since that post is about the diving helmet which is a hat (and my hat seems to be perfectly placed), but for me it’s happening with the snow goggles.

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both count as cosmetics

Those are different types of cosmetics, though. Besides, the diving helmet wasn’t misplaced at the feet, it was simply positioned slightly incorrectly near the head area.

On another note, the diving helmet screen also happens to show another kind of glasses cosmetic around the feet area, so this bug probably affects all glasses type cosmetics (though I haven’t checked myself).

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This is the reason I don’t use the Carton playermodel. It doesn’t work with my aviators.


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