Milestones giving out more items than they should?

So I’ve recently gotten back into tower unite. I wanted to go for easy things to level up so I’ve been doing a lot of stuff in the plaza. Well low and behold I fully rank up in bowling and get a good way into the plaza levels and what do I see. That I’ve got at least 20 extra of all the bowling trophies and 5 throwable bowling balls. Now I thought it must have been somebody in game exploiting to edit people’s inventories, but I spent all day playing zombie massacre to get to the level where you unlock the flamethrower and low and behold. I didn’t just get one flamethrower. So I’m making this post to say y’all might need to look into how items are being awarded. Included are pictures of my inventory.

Log into and it’ll fix the items up for you. You just have to log in once and it’ll happen automatically.

I appreciate it

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