Milestone event of the 80s

I’m making a new topic and asking a question for you: Are you an 80s fan? If yes, then use the following template. If not, then It will be sad. :slightly_frowning_face:

You can add a milestone of the 80s when it could be video games, music, historical event, sports, movies, etc.

  • 1980:
  • 1981:
  • 1982:
  • 1983:
  • 1984:
  • 1985:
  • 1986:
  • 1987:
  • 1988:
  • 1989:

Also, one event per decade, so choose wisely.

Well, I guess nobody is making a list of a milestone from the 80s. :frowning:

The entire 80s : the brink of mutually assured nuclear annihilation.

Here’s the example of my milestone of the 80s.

  • 1980: Referendum in Quebec but ends up saying NO, PAC-MAN came out in the arcade.
  • 1981: Magic Kingdom’s 10th anniversary, French Canadians discovered Ding & Dong.
  • 1982: Robotron 2084 came to the arcade. Boy George & Michael Jackson popularize Pop music.
  • 1983: Video game crash. The Breakdance is born, Hulk Hogan.
  • 1984: Cabbage Patch Kids, a crazy gunner bring terror in the blue room, Twisted Sisters.
  • 1985: NES is released in North America, tanning room came to Quebec, AIDS.
  • 1986: NASA’s Challenger crew died, church statues starts crying blood, Montreal Canadiens wins the Stanley Cup.
  • 1987: Zelda, Metroid, Castlevania & Kid Icarus came to NES.
  • 1988: Roger Rabbit came in movie theatres, the Rap conquered America, Rickroll’d.
  • 1989: The Berlin wall collapse, Game Boy & Tetris came out, Sega released the Genesis, The Wizard came to theatres.