Might I recommend more gemstones?

I’ve noticed the amount of purchases have decreased ever since we’ve made it over 50k, and I think it might be because we don’t have that added surprise. Do you guys (The Devs) want to consider adding more for every thousand? You could just put in small features but I’m sure that’d be enough to encourage the community to put more money into this great project.

No it’s because we’re fully funded. There isn’t a danger of not being funded anymore. Also, I’d bet that the people who were going to donate have donated or will donate RIGHT before the Indiegogo ends.

Okay, I do agree with that. I’m glad that it’s fully funded, don’t get me wrong. :smile: Long live Tower Unite!

The ones we picked for pre-50k we totally can deliver on, adding more would make it harder for us.


I honestly have to agree with mac on this, they have already delivered a large amount of new things to the community and they are still going with the $60,000 Milestone beach expansion, so they technically are still giving large amounts of motivation.