Midori Unpopable

Achievement get!
5 hours of uploading later:


Holy sweet candy corn Jesus that’s impressive.

Now if you can do it all without popping AND getting all of the cuboids, I think I’ll be ready to call you the Messiah.

Very impressive!

A day of alpha and someone is already speed running, what can you do? :smile:

I’m loving this ball mode game. Reminds me of Marble Blast Gold

Do ya also know about Marble Blast Ultra? That stuff’s awesome too.

But yeah, damn, alpha ball race and there’s already records being done!

Paid $30 for a key in 2012 for it on the Xbox 360, play the PC port every week, love the series :smiley:

Wow, this is funny because I just found this YouTube video earlier today.

I didn’t even know it was you until I saw this post now. Nice job.

Oh my god, I love the sound effects that the ball makes, it’s so soothing and relaxing… :smiley:

Great work on this! I can’t even begin to imagine the number of attempts it took you to do this.