Message to the owners

Wondering if me and my community can buy the gmod tower server files seen as they will be shutting down soon anyway

They will not be releasing the files. They want it to be a good memory in history :+1:


This has been asked before, and PixelTail have stated they don’t wish to release or sell the files in any way whatsoever.
Doing so would create direct competition for Tower Unite and harm the game.

The only files you’ll be able to have are the ones that are publicly available on workshop. Those are already used in a variety of projects (I see the afro on a thousand different credit shops) and won’t go away. The backend, however, is private.

Plus, it’s direct competition to Tower Unite.
On the business side of things, keeping GMT up would be pretty dumb.

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No. And we’re not releasing it. It’s a closed source project.


Just to iterate:

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There are ways of actually getting server files from any gmod server but I wouldn’t do it it’s bad now I’m not saying anything bad I’m just letting Mac d guy and the staff know there are those kinds of people out there with hacks and guts to steal server files p.s I can’t wait for march 2016 :grinning:

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