Menu Search Bars (Furniture, hats, etc.)

I was searching through the GMT Forums and I found this. Here’s a suggestion I made a looong time ago, back in Lobby 1 (I think Tower Unite wasn’t even announced)


It would be cool if we could have that, probably later we will have a lot more items to choose from and probably will be hard as hug to find what we want. so, yeah.
I hope this gets implemented soon.

This currently already exists in the alpha! (I don’t have a pic of it on hand right now, though.)


Oh… sorry then!
I went through some screenshots and I couldn’t find it.
Well it’s good that now we have that. Sorry again!

They are pretty small in some cases, so they might be a bit hard to find, but they’re there. There are also some search filters so you can browse by category as well.