Melon Standardization for Singleplayer

Currently when doing singleplayer time trials there are three possible items that can be obtained; single melon, triple melon, and gold melon.

Single melons should be removed from the item pool in singleplayer. There are currently no items boxes where getting a single melon is the best possible item and there are quite a few spots where getting a single melon is effectively a run killer when it comes to trying to improve times. Are there spots where it’s not the worst? Yes, there are, but it’s never the best option and does not excuse how awful it can be compared to gold/triple melons.

By extension; I can also see the removal of the gold melon from singleplayer. While this will make certain sections of certain tracks slower the gold melon can be rather awkward to use due to its inability to be quickly discarded. However at the time of writing the removal of gold melons is not nearly as warranted as the removal of single melons.


Agreed. Much like Mario Kart’s Time Trial, you only have 3 mushrooms from the start and you only use it when you are dealing with shortcuts, etc. However, the question mark item boxes in the course track were all removed to prevent cheating, make it fully compatible for speedrunning measures.

Also however, you are not allowed to pause the game, or else your speedrun will be invalid for a reason; you have to practice a lot before you can speedrun, if you want to break the highest world record.

Personally, I don’t speedrun because I wanted to fill up my experience points to Rank 100. This is obviously my final stretch to collect milestones in future updates (such as unlockable for wheels, cars designs, smoke trails, red/blue spiny shell impact animation*, etc.)

*: The Crash Team Racing impact animation has the purpose of getting hit (by a homing rocket for example) which makes it bounce, make your kart spinning in three dimensional directions (X Y & Z), and standard-ly slows you down. I never played a Crash Team Racing in my life.

Well, I would argue that leaving the item boxes in is part of how Accelerate’s singleplayer works; without it time trials would likely be quite dreadful. Doing all sorts of crazy boost chains off a pack of triple melons is quite a bit more difficult than simply drifting around corners as tightly as possible.

You can’t pause singleplayer matches in TU. Doesn’t matter what you’re doing; condos, gameworlds, plaza, etc. So even if you press ESC in singleplayer whilst playing Accelerate, the game will continue onwards as normal. Which more than likely means you’ll be losing a lot of time.