Melon slices?

I know that cuboids were tentative and never planned to remain, and I could understand a change, but fruit? Melons, specifically? Am I missing something here?

It just seems real whacky and out of place for where its used. I’d like to hope these melons are also placeholder?

Well, the Gmod Tower Ball Race uses bananas, so…

Ah, so we’re keeping the silly/over-the-top theme?

Makes as much sense as a human racing in a man-sized hamster ball, I guess :laughing:

Wait, Are Melons in the game right now? Or is it just an idea.

They are in the game as of Alpha 0.0.5.

I actually liked the cuboids. Even though I didn’t know exactly what they were, they were still recognizable and I really felt a drive to collect them for some reason. I liked them.

I miss my cuboids.

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I did too. They were a perfect ambiguous unit to collect.


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Cuboids were placeholders. They were literally a cube.

Cuboids, to me, are really stale, lack life to them. I want to keep the old happy fun feeling of the original Ball Race so I thought up some fruit ideas and decided on melon slices because of an idea of collecting all the melon slices it would form a full melon.

I’m also redoing the HUD to match this. Right now the hud is very flat and doesn’t fit the happy feel Ball Race should have.

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Pretty strong statements there. I don’t get a dull or depressing feeling from playing with a very well designed UI and cool cube thingies to collect. Fruit just makes it all silly; there’s really no correlation to Ball Race (then again, arguably, cubes were as irrelevant). I’m not getting anything new or happy, as you put it, out of melons and am curious if anybody else actually does.

Up to you, though. It’d be neat to see a community poll on such a radical change to the system though.

I very much like the current theme of Ball Race. The sleek, modern design makes it feel like a relaxing game imho.

Bananas are fruit, we can’t have them as it would be too similar to Super Monkey Ball.

In the end, we have a goal for where we want to take Ball Race and cuboids wee placeholders and never we meant to stay.

I am making bold statements because I am the lead game designer and this is what I do and know best. Ball Race needs character and life to it, not flat UI or boring cubes.


Man I like the watermelons, They’re a nice fit

To add to my original statement, Ball Race is supposed to be silly and nonsensical.

Our goal is to get to where we were for GMTower and improve upon it.


Strong/bold was probably the improper adjective, more like subjective, considering your opinions are your own.

I’m fully aware that you’re lead game designer, but I’m also entitled to make opinions/suggestions, as least that’s what I assumed.

You are entitled to have your own opinions, it’s just this is where we want to head with our game.


And power to you. It’s just a gamemode, anyway, nothing too major. Always other activities I or others may pursue.

It kind of fits with the style of Ball Race, which was silly and nonsense. The bananas were originally used as a reference to Super Monkey Ball.

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Ball Race in TU should not scrap this kind of silly, party-ish theme. Right now it feels a bit more like sci-fi to me, especially because of those cuboids, and that doesn’t really work with a concept like Ball Race that is being traced from GMTower Ball Race, which had a rather silly theme. Watermelons would be a nice alternative to bananas just to not make it seem too similiar to SMB.

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