Media Volume falloff and advanced options

The volume of someone’s mic falls off as you get farther from the source (that person). This does not occur with TVs/projectors. If this a limitation imposed by the plugin(?) or whatever that allows playback, or is there a chance that media devices could playback at a given volume and become quieter as you get farther from the source, like mics do?

Bonus if the volume of the device can be set ac a percentage (maybe a drop down menu to choose 25, 50, 75, or 100%? by the condo owner when setting color and such while decorating, so computer monitors can be quieter than a home theater.

Bonus Bonus: Perhaps there could be-a- -“w-i-r-e-d- -s-p-e-a-k-e-r”- (scratch that, that raises issues because it’s too much like streaming audio only) ^a “mirrorcast” ^ added to the game. It has a “target” like the teleporter and is also set with the targeting gun. Whatever is playing on the target device is also played on this device. It simply checks periodically (every second?) to ensure the video being played hasn’t changed and make sure it remains synced.

I believe adding this would be tricky considering media volume is handled separately in Unreal

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