Media Request failed near constant

My friend and I have tried to load valid youtube links and more often than not they are failing for no reason. It’s a 90%+ failure rate no matter the video. I have even gotten a fail after having already played the video the same day. There is definitely no copyright, invalid source, or broken link issues.
This happens from various people, various links and various days.

[Link e.g. &]


I’ve been getting this a ton too, as of the Arcade update. I know for a fact that the videos are valid, because they EVENTUALLY work after like, 10+ tries.

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Basically any videos you queue have to go through PixelTail’s Youtube API, which has a limited amount of uses (I believe daily? not sure). Too many videos = too many API requests = API fails = no video.


so, i have the same thing happening but its only for some videos. some work and some get the “media: media request failed” error message.

The quota resets at Midnight Pacific, and we cache video data that was previously requested, so this issue can appear and disappear throughout the day.

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