Media Player: Youtube Playlist Support

One feature I’d love to have in the media player is the ability to add whole YouTube playlists. That way you can add such things as the “important videos” playlist without having add each video one by one. (Perhaps adding a specific tab for playlists?)
Perhaps there should be some kind of restriction over who can add entire playlists, but at the same time, you can already add pretty long YouTube videos. Perhaps in Condos it could be restricted to the owner.
This could greatly improve the experience of condos and the theater, making it easier to share with everyone what you like without much hassle.

Similar things have been suggested before. Please use the search feature before suggesting something.

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That’s odd, I did search for it, but I couldn’t find any, guess I should’ve searched harder.

However, both suggestions shown are saving playlists, NOT support for YouTube playlists as my post implies.

I changed the title of my post so people don’t get confused.

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Sorry! These exist too, I just didn’t screenshot the right ones.


I prefer the idea of an in-game playlist, I imagine a button beside ‘video currently playing’ on the q menu. clicking this will add the video to a playlist that can be accessed through a button also on the q menu. This will bring you to a list of all your playlists. Clicking into a playlist will show it’s contents where you can then manually add or remove videos. You’ll be able to rename playlists and adding them to media players should be exclusive to condo owners by default but this would be able to be changed.