Media Player "lag" bug

Whenever I turn on a media player, my game seems to lag when looking around. It doesn’t impact fps it’s like a stutter, you might be able to see it in the video below.

This is due to media players being incredibly hardware intensive.
You can somewhat fix this by lowering the resolution of media players by the main menu under settings.

This isn’t true. Media players uses Steam overlay which does not integrate well into games in general. Games like Dota 2 uses it you will immediately notice this issue especially on 144Hz+ monitors.

It is hardware intensive, though. It creates a browser instance of Steam’s web panel and then has to copy the web render to memory and display it with Unreal 4’s textures.

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I wouldn’t call it intensive because even with amount of resources it requires is already not too much to most of average gaming setups and on optimal systems it still suffers.
High end systems also have this problem (seeing some visual stutters like the OP’s, despite framerate reporting fine), be it Tower Unite or other webhelper-embedded games.

I know what Loombandz is talking about, and it is very noticeable on my 144Hz monitor, compared to one of my laptop’s which is at 60Hz (still noticeable). The second I turn the monitor on, without any media playing, I get the visual stutters.

Yeah sorry, forgot to mention I use 144hz. Could be something to do with that? idk

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