{Media Player} Google Drive for movies

Hello everyone!

Gmod players. We’ve experienced at cinema servers the awesomiun API for Gmod, where we can use Dropbox & Google Drive.
Place where we can play our favorite TV Shows/Movies/Animes.

Don’t you think it will be awesome to got that on Tower Unite too?
You can play movies with your friends at your condo or Plaza’s Theater.

Tower Unite can’t be blamed for copyright stuff, as gmod does.

Only Google & Dropbox users can get their accounts striked, but the strike is just file deleted.

So Chromium is pretty close to arrive at Gmod, we can try to get it on Tower Unite.

Remember to “Vote” if you aprove it!

If we can get plain .mp4 files from any server other than Google Drive to syncronise as well, then I am all up for it!


Dropbox is one example, but I don’t know why not Google drive, but if we get chromium probably we can play webm files from url.

You can already do this.

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