Media Player Emit no Sound [RESOLVED]

For some reason I am unable to hear any media player. This problem seems to have arrived with the latest update as before I took a break I could hear and play things fine. My volume is all the way up on all options and there doesn’t seem to be a fix with the other in game options. I’m starting to get really frustrated as this has only happened to me and my friends are able to enjoy videos perfectly.

Did you check your audio settings in Windows?

Yes, I have checked my audio settings in window, and I’m able to hear the game perfectly.
If the media players are tied to something like “Steam Webhelper” then I would know what the problem is, but I unfortunately don’t know what I’m directly looking for.

Wasn’t media streaming switched over to the Steam API in

Or am I misunderstanding the meaning of that?

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Ah okay this helps alot, thanks, I’m not very into the patch notes and I seemed to have missed this. This means that the media is streamed through the Steam Webhelper (or what is used for playing audio in the Steam Browser through Shift-Tab, also stuff like server advertisements.)
Thank you very much for pointing this out to me and I will be more on the lookout for these changes.