Media Player Audio Improvements + Sync Players

i think it’d be a good addition for media players to have localized audio.

by that i mean that media players should be what’s outputting the audio, as of right now the audio just plays through both of your speakers with no changes made to reflect direction + distance from the media player.


another good change would be to be able to sync up multiple media players so they would all play the same video at the same time.

right now the media players just overlap their audio and it would require multiple players to reliably sync media players up.

This is exactly the suggestion I was looking for, I would also like to add that the volume of each player should be individual (or have both options of course). Now the audio is global, but sometimes I’d like to have one visual video and one audio video.

I was about to suggest this. I think this would be great.
I would love, however, if there was client setting for the player to set if they want localized audio or not, with that, they could also set the range of the localized audio, as well as the volume (as you already can now). You could also access these settings by holding Q on a media player, and below (just like the volume slider) there would be range sliders and a checkmark box for localized audio.

Condo owners as well, could have a setting in the media player’s properties menu that for example could be:
-Force Localized Audio for this Media Player
-Force Non-Localized Audio for this Media Player
-Force this Media Player’s Range
-Force this Media Player’s Volume

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Also, if localized audio gets added for media players, it would be really cool if you could hook up speakers to the TV with Condo IO so that audio plays from both the TV and the speakers you hooked it up to.


Something I reckon would go well with this would be an option to add a filter to the audio coming from the speaker, E.G. a loudspeaker/megaphone or an elevator music speaker effect, etc.

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