Media player abuse issues

The media player in the nightclub has the following issues which are being abused:-

  • People are mass upvoting their own entries on the playlist in order to jump ahead in the queue, you should not really be able to upvote your own entries on the playlist.

  • People are queuing tracks which just turn out to be either nothing but silence or distorted/bass-boosted noise. In light of this, is an auto-skip for long sections of silence feasible?

  • People are queuing tracks that are sometimes in excess of 20-30 minutes in length - It’s only matter of time before you have someone adding Everywhere at the End of Time to the playlist.

  • Further tweaks vote skip to allow the following, if feasible:-
    Have vote skip kick in when votes to skip have reached 2/3 or 3/4, for example
    Have vote skip kick in and skip whatever is playing if the person who queued it is either afk or not present in the area

As a side note, the player base are also in need of moderating because they are having petty squabbles over what constitutes as good music, which as we all know is entirely subjective on a personal basis.


possible solutions:

  1. queue jumps should not be eligible for the nightclub.
  2. maximum song length is 10~12 minutes, must be single, not mix. (unless there are few players and all accepts to have an album played)
  3. must be active for at least 2~3 minutes without being AFK to vote to skip, if suddenly quit the venue, then its vote skipping is voided.
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