Mechanical Keyboards

What is a mechanical keyboard? Read this!

For those who are already familiar with the concept, post yours here!
What are your favorite switches and boards?

(Steelseries 6Gv2)

I’ve been using a Steelseries 6Gv2 with Cherry Red silent switches for a couple years. It’s proven to be extremely robust, much more than other keyboards I’ve used that have worn out and/or stopped working.

Within the last week, I was finally able to get ahold of a Unicomp Ultra-Classic with buckling springs (pictured below). I’ve since relegated my Steelseries to be a secondary keyboard that sits at my workstation for when I don’t want to use loud keycaps, or when I have to type for much longer sessions. It’s also great for streaming or recording, as the clicks won’t register as loud on my microphone.

(Unicomp Ultra Classic)

The Ultra Classic is a near replica of the IBM Model M from 1984. Despite being a keyboard from 34 years ago, it’s still wildly popular in the mechanical keyboard community. And for good reason: buckling spring keycaps! They’re notorious for being loud and heavy, requiring much more actuation force than your typical membrane switches and clicking much louder than any other mechanical switch. Original models can be expensive, seeing as they’ve reached a somewhat antique status, so Unicomp’s keyboard is a much better, cheaper alternative if you ask me. In addition, it feels nearly identical to an original Model M.

Neither of my boards have backlit keys, because I personally find that money is better spent on build quality rather than lights when it comes to keyboards. I don’t mind a few LEDs here and there, though.

Let’s hear about yours!

(Bonus pic: current setup)

The left side is for work (Unity, 3D printing, video editing, Raspberry Pi projects), and the right side is for games. RGB LED desk back-lighting can change/cycle colors via a remote control.


Wow, when I first saw the ultra classic, I instantly thought that it looked like something straight from the 80s.

And uh, I guess I wasn’t wrong.

I currently use a Razer championship edition of the blackwidow keyboard, the lack of a number pad gives me a bit more room on my already crowded desk, and the keys feel really nice to use, though they are a bit loud. It hasn’t failed me yet, although ONE LED on the keyboard is slightly miss-colored, for some reason.

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I’m also a large fan of old-style mechanical keyboards (much to the dismay of everyone in the Dev Voice call).

I personally use a Unicomp Classic Model M (Manufactured April 10th, 2018) as pictured below, along with my Big Switch Series Switch, a IBM Beamspring Switch, a Model F and Model M switch, and a Topre switch (along with my Mooncake plush).

While Unicomp Model M’s are based off the last generation and cheapest version of the Model M, it’s still a much better deal to get a brand new buckling spring keyboard with USB, then having to troll through Ebay hoping you get a functional one. I’ve been happy with this keyboard since the day I bought it.

I also ordered myself one of Ellipse’s IBM 4704 F77 complete recreations, but I won’t get that one for quite a while as they’re still being assembled (those monsters weigh 8 pounds cast zinc case).


I’m currently using an EagleTec KG010 keyboard. It’s incredibly loud, but incredibly satisfying to type on. I grabbed it when I was putting together my first proper PC a couple years back since it was on the cheaper side of things, and it’s served me well since. It’s also a little dusty because I’m terrible at keeping my things clean.

I apologize for the poor picture quality; phones aren’t exactly known for crisp pictures!


I’m not a professional on the topic but i personally enjoy the Razer Ornata Chroma.
I love RGB products and i feel the switches give enough feedback while not waking up everyone else in my household.

Unrelated but is there anyone else around here who has their mouse pad below their keyboard?

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I have been using a Cooler Master CM Storm QuickFire XT since Dec '13. It uses Cherry MX Brown switches. This has been my first mechanical and I bought it based on reviews and a sale that was going on, having no idea about the various switches. Overall I’ve been very happy with it. Brown seems to have a good feel to me, however my spacebar has started getting slightly louder than everything else. This board has a good ‘heft’ to it and feels very high build quality. My WASD keys had eventually worn the lettering off :joy: luckily it came with these replacement “gaming” red keys and they’ve held up good.