“What is this discussion about in one brief sentence?” Nailed it.

I’ll use Markdown to type here because everyone using text documents should roughly know about Markdown. Reddit, Github, all the cool kids are using it, that alone has to mean something.

Also I wonder if I can connect my Steam profile without the connection being visible publicly because I’m a paranoid dude who doesn’t like those people in black suits crossreference everything I ever do online and profile me and try to sell me chocolate in flavors specially selected from my analysed interests and demographic and aaah oh my god this forum isn’t even in HTTPS I bet they already MITM’d my password they probably know what my completely different Steam name is because I’m logged in there right now too why does this keep happening to me

Friend of GMTower since I rode Elevator Source a few times, joined Cinema at least once when a friend told me “Dude the guys behind Elevator Source did a virtual cinema thing!”, thought “Well it was only logical…” when the same friend introduced me to the first Lobby combining both and later trying to redesign it only to meet the limits of Source 1. Looking forward to having my mind not blown by TU because I can already smell what awesome things will happen when a motivated developer team of cool people uses game design tools of today.

The same friend told me to make an account here and help terminate those annoying bugs and suggest stuff to help the devs with their devious plan of making the world a thought-free place because EVERYONE ELSE HAS THEIR MIND BLOWN HARHARHAR!! lightning outside

Okay and now write something about myself… Uhh… can’t come up with anything. Hi.

I’ll be waiting here until I can finally score high on BLOCKLES which was impossible because of lagspikes in GMod.


Welcome to the forums! And careful, the men in black suits will always find you :wink:.

Most accurate introduction topic title yet. Welcome! :raising_hand:

Welcome to the family :new_moon_with_face:[quote=“Danalite, post:2, topic:6627”]
And careful, the men in black suits will always find you

I am the man in the black suit

Welcome! Hope you enjoy the game and the community.

Welcome aboard!! :grin:

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Welcome aboard! :ship:

Welcome aboard!