MDC September 2016: Entrepreneurs

Welcome to the Monthly Decoration Contest! All you have to do is build a condo or an area of your condo around the given theme. Near the end of the month, a poll will be posted for everyone to vote with.

September 2016 Theme: Entrepreneurs

Whether humbly running lemonade stands or high atop worldwide conglomerates, these people said “I’d like to scam people for free money.” Show us how you turn up profits in your condo! Suggested by @Originope!


All entries should be submitted here by the end of the 21st of September, Central Standard Time.


  • Honour and the right to brag! I ripped this line right from the MTC.
  • I dunno, I guess you can have one of your submission photos on a wall in my condo?

General Info

  • Feel free to ask questions, give suggestions, or otherwise discuss the competition here!
  • To submit, post all relevant info in the submission thread!
  • One submission per person, one creation per person! Show us your best! Remember, you have until the deadline to edit your submission however you want.
  • Your submission can include anything: photos, videos, text descriptions, and anything else you can stick in the post!
  • You must have at least one photo or video. You need to show what you’ve built.
  • This should be something you made. While I can’t reliably get everyone to prove they made their submissions, I ask that everyone be honest. This is meant to be a fun competition, after all!
  • You can build an entire condo, an area of your condo, or even something in the item playground. As long as you’ve built something around the theme, it’s fine to submit!
  • Remember, you can back up and reset your condo by moving the Condo.dat file located in Steam > steamapps > common > Tower Unite > Tower > SavedData


I basically copied this completely from the TrackMania MTC. After the submissions are closed, I will create a poll that lets you rate each submission from 1 to 10 as well as leave comments if you so choose. If you made a submission, you can still vote (give yourself a 10)! Remember to judge based on the whole submission.

Just a quick note: last month I tried to do this, but there was only one submission. I’m trying it again this month, but there simply may not be enough players yet to reliably host something like this. If there aren’t enough submissions, I will have to close the competition to let TU gain a more healthy playerbase.

Good luck, and have fun!

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I would enter but then i remembered that the entirety of my condo’s theme im going for fits so i have to pass. The caveats of being an owner of a catsack-run resort that isn’t even half complete.

You can enter, even if you happen to have a business already ready. If you really wanted to, you could back up your current condo somewhere else and start fresh. Perhaps use the ideas from your half-finished resort to make a smaller resort for the competition!

Does running a cinema counts as being an entrepreneur?

It’s a business, right? As long as you’ve got something to sell (in this case, movie tickets), it’s completely fine!


@Link didn’t you have something in relation to this?

I don’t even have the slightest idea what this is

Your submission counts as one entry, since it’s all one business (one can only have one entry anyways). I’m not going to be strict about what is and is not allowed; you could stick a “$1 a night” sign on the side of a cardboard box and it would still fit the rules since it is, to some extent, a business.

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oh ye i do have the cozy condo cove

Em serves the drinks


Just a reminder that you have one week to submit your creations to the submissions thread!

Submissions are now closed! For the rest of the month, you can vote on the submissions! To vote, head here and fill out the form. You just need to give your forum username and rate each submission between 1 and 10. You can also leave comments, if you wish. Remember to judge based on the whole submission of the user, not just the single picture in the vote sheet! If you submitted a creation, just give yourself a 10.

Voting is closed and the results are in! Thanks to the 5 lovely voters for submitting their feedback! Without further ado, here’s the final results…

@AshGe wins with a five point lead over @Link, who took second place! There was a tie for third with both @DoctorPie and @JesusFreak receiving 39 points each. Congratulations, everyone! For the full spreadsheet with comments and individual scores, head here.

Keep an eye out, I should have this month’s theme posted sometime today.


Yeah! I can brag! =D

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