Maybe tone the Events down a tiny bit

I like the idea that there is always something to do while in the Plaza in term of the timed events, but I feel like there are too many at this moment in time. It feels like you’re being barraged by constant “Hey, this is now going on! Come join” pop up messages on screen.

I don’t know how other players feel, and I will not speak for them, but from my perspective there is a lot going on at any given time.


  1. Increase the time between Events
  2. Set a daily schedule as to what specific events are that day
  3. Possibly have an option to where we can disable seeing that stuff?

This is an Anniversary exclusive thing, they activate every event for every holiday (except for Easter events and Halloween Remains) during it. There’s a lot less events going on at every other time of the year.


Ah okay! Thank you for that information.